Jewellery Fashion

Jewellery is the main fashion among indians women.Fashion jewellery (also called Costume jewelry, junk jewelry, fake jewelry, or fallalery) is jewelry manufactured as ornamentation to complement a particular fashionable costume or garment.Costume jewelry came into being in the 1930s as a cheap, disposable accessory meant to be worn with a specific outfit. It was intended to be fashionable for a short period of time, outdate itself, and then be repurchased to fit with a new outfit or new fashion style. Its main use is in fashion, as opposed to "real" (fine) jewelry which may be regarded primarily as collectibles, keepsakes, or investments. Costume jewelry is made of less valuable materials including base metals, glass, plastic, and synthetic stones; in place of more valuable materials such as precious metals and gems.Originally, costume or fashion jewelry was made of inexpensive simulated gemstones, such as rhinestones or lucite, set in pewter, silver, nickel or brass. During the depression years, rhinestones were even down-graded by some manufacturers to meet the cost of production.Modern costume jewelry incorporates a wide range of materials. High end crystals, cubic zirconia simulated diamonds, and some semi-precious stones are used in place of precious stones. Metals include gold- or silver-plated brass, and sometimes vermeil or sterling silver. Lower-priced jewelry may still use gold plating over pewter, nickel or other metals; items made in countries outside the United States may contain lead. Some pieces incorporate plastic, acrylic, leather or wood.

Fashionable Dresses

As we all know fashion industry is growing day by day in INDIA,there are lots of designs for women.The continually changing fashions of the West have been generally unparalleled either in antiquity or in the other great civilizations of the world until recent decades. Early Western travellers, whether to Persia, Turkey, Japan or China frequently remark on the absence of changes in fashion there, and observers from these other cultures comment on the unseemly pace of Western fashion, which many felt suggested an instability and lack of order in Western culture. The Japanese Shogun's secretary boasted (not completely accurately) to a Spanish visitor in 1609 that Japanese clothing had not changed in over a thousand years.However in Ming China, for example, there is considerable evidence for rapidly changing fashions in Chinese clothing.

Fashion designers

Fashion design is the art of the application of design and aesthetics  to clothing  and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place. Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories. Some work alone or as part of a team. They attempt to satisfy consumer desire for aesthetically designed clothing; and, because of the time required to bring a garment onto the market, must at times anticipate changing consumer tastes. Some designers in fact have a reputation which enables them to set fashion trends. These are the most popular fashion designers in INDIA -
Erum Ali,Manish Arora,Rohit Bal,Ritu Beri,Kavita Bhartiya,Reena Dhaka,Rehane Yavar Dhala,Surily Goel,Shabina Khan,Rohit Khosla,Ritu Kumar,Manish Malhotra,Asmita Marwa,Sabyasachi Mukherjee,Agnimitra Paul,Wendell Rodricks,Anna Singh,Tarun Tahiliani

fashion models

As we all know , in the fashion world , models play an important role. Let we first know about models...... A model (from Middle French modèle) sometimes called a mannequin, is a person who is employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting fashion clothing or other products and for advertising or promotional purposes or who poses for works of art. Modeling is distinguished from other types of public performance, such as an acting, dancing or mime artist, although the boundary is not well defined. Appearing in a movie or a play is not considered modeling. However, models may be considered to express emotion in their photographs, and manydescribe themselves as actors.[citation needed] Models are generally not expected to verbally express themselves unless to visually enhance a photograph.Types of modeling include fashion, glamor, fitness, bikini, fine art, and body-part models. Models are features in a variety of media formats including books, magazines, movies, newspapers, and TV. The models themselves can be a featured part of a movie, examples include Looker and Tattoo; In songs, including "Metro Sexy - Kehoe's Song" by The Janice Dickinson Fan Club, for male model Brian Kehoe; and reality television.
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Fashion............todays need

Fashion we all know, its definition is..A puzzling force, capable of altering minds to find things (such as clothes designs)completely normal at one point in time,where they would be considered completely ridiculous at any other point in time [1], also, completely ignored by engineers.Fashion is the continuing quest for the next great style. However, there are only four truly great styles, and they simply supersede one another every 6.4 months.he four great styles are Couture, Glamour, Chic, Stylish and occasionally kittens, in that order. Fashion is an offshoot of fascism, which is similar and almost as popular but less glamorous. The offshoot was
started by the famous Italian leader, Benito Mussolini. A quote from his resignation to fashion on the catwalk:"Don't get me wrong I totally love being in brutal and singular control of a powerful country, but over the years it has lost it's jazz. I am just here to keep it fabulous."
Fashion has not gone without criticism through the years. It has been compared to the dumbing down of boxing to Tae-Bo, also known as boxing without the violence or beer. Like fascism, fashion is based on brutal control and with both your life is takenover and you are forced into line with everyone else.