Fashion............todays need

Fashion we all know, its definition is..A puzzling force, capable of altering minds to find things (such as clothes designs)completely normal at one point in time,where they would be considered completely ridiculous at any other point in time [1], also, completely ignored by engineers.Fashion is the continuing quest for the next great style. However, there are only four truly great styles, and they simply supersede one another every 6.4 months.he four great styles are Couture, Glamour, Chic, Stylish and occasionally kittens, in that order. Fashion is an offshoot of fascism, which is similar and almost as popular but less glamorous. The offshoot was
started by the famous Italian leader, Benito Mussolini. A quote from his resignation to fashion on the catwalk:"Don't get me wrong I totally love being in brutal and singular control of a powerful country, but over the years it has lost it's jazz. I am just here to keep it fabulous."
Fashion has not gone without criticism through the years. It has been compared to the dumbing down of boxing to Tae-Bo, also known as boxing without the violence or beer. Like fascism, fashion is based on brutal control and with both your life is takenover and you are forced into line with everyone else.


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