Japan tsunami Pictures

It was the very dangerous Tsunami.Grief and sadness must be felt every person who heard or witnessed the disaster, in which each person is difficult to avoid the coming disaster, only expect God's help to escape and survived the disaster.
Sad news re-occur, the largest tsunami catastrophe in the history of earthquakes in Japan, about 140 years. namely the undersea quake measuring 8.9 that has caused huge waves that flooded parts of the east coast, even the waves reached a height of 10 meters. This disaster has caused tremendous damage and brought a lot of casualties, really sad!
Japan is earthquake-prone countries, so that in Japanese schools the students have been trained how to rescue yourself in the event of earthquake. However, the disaster came without being able to vote, only the power of the Creator who can help. Japan has warned its citizens against the possibility of aftershocks and tsunamis suggest to stay away from coastal areas.
As a result of the disaster, the dozens of countries that are along the coast should increase vigilance in the face of the possibility of a tsunami. According to Paul Conneally of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies that attention will be focused primarily on Asia and the Pacific. Hopefully, with awareness can bring salvation, at least the victim could be minimized. May God protect us all. We should all help the japan.

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